As a prudent driver, you strive to avoid mishaps, but sometimes, unexpected things happen. Imagine getting an unwelcome surprise when you uncover a damaged windshield mid-journey while on the road.

If you discover a crack in your windshield, you first consider whether you should repair or get a car window replacement in Salt Lake City.

When a windshield crack severely compromises visibility, prioritizing replacement is vital to ensure safe and hazard-free driving.

When Should You Replace A Cracked Windshield?


A repair is possible if you have a laminated glass windshield. However, most side and back windows have tempered glass, which needs replacement when they crack.

Aside from the type of glass, the crack’s location, size, and depth affect whether you should replace the windshield. If in doubt, it’s best to ask a professional mechanic if your car qualifies for a windshield repair.

For laminated glass, qualifying for repairs depends on the type of damage. Its upper limits range from chips measuring three inches and cracks of up to 14 inches.

But mechanics may recommend repairs for cracks less than three inches and tiny chips on the window. But, again, it would be best to consider other factors, such as the mechanic’s capability and the location of the damage.

The depth of the damage also plays a crucial role. How deep it penetrates the windshield determines whether replacement is a better option.

The windshield has an outer, plastic interlayer, and inside layer. If the damage penetrates from the outer layer to the inner layer of the glass, your mechanic will suggest a windshield replacement.

Finally, visit an auto glass repair near you if the damage spans across multiple outer edges of the glass. Getting a new windshield ensures the stability and strength of your vehicle, especially in case of a vehicle rollover.

Replace the windshield if the damage is within the driver’s line of sight. Repairs are not ideal because they will cause distortion, raising visibility concerns.

When damages span multiple outer boundaries of a windshield, it raises concerns over the stability and strength of the entire structure.

Cracks may also spread quickly if moisture or rain penetrates the chipped glass. Repairs may become more expensive when this happens, leading to a total windshield replacement.

Driving around with a damaged windshield is also dangerous, making it illegal in some states. So if you have a chipped car window, bring your car to a reputable auto shop immediately.

Why Should You Replace Your Cracked Windshield?


The windshield serves as a layer of protection for you and your passengers. However, if they have damages beyond repair, you must replace them immediately to avoid compromising your safety.

A crack located in your line of vision can negatively affect visibility. It also becomes a distraction that may lead to fatal outcomes that may put you and your passenger at risk.

Additionally, the windshield protects you and your passengers during accidents. A windshield in good condition can bear the impact of a collision or accident.

However, a cracked windshield can’t provide you with maximum safety. It shatters easily during a collision, and the flying glass may cause severe or fatal injuries.

Lastly, a damaged windshield may cause the airbag deployment to fail during an accident. It may lead to injuries and even death, in worse cases.

How Much Does A Car Window Replacement in Salt Lake City Cost?


A crack or chip repair will cost at least $50. The price varies depending on the size and complexity of the damage.

At Jerry Lambert Automotive, we will evaluate the extent of the problem and determine the best option. If the damage is irreparable, then the next option is a replacement.

The national average for a car window replacement is about $300, including parts and labor. However, the amount depends on the mechanics you hire and the available options for your vehicle.

What To Do If Your Car Gets Damaged While Driving


If your windshield cracks while driving, your first concern should be your safety. Pull over to the side of the road immediately to avoid accidents.

If a collision causes damage, ensure everyone inside the car is safe. Assessing your car’s condition and recording the damage is vital for insurance purposes.

Determine the extent of the damage. Then, bring your car home and schedule an appointment with your mechanic or drive it to an auto shop for a thorough inspection.



It’s time to get a car window replacement in Salt Lake City if the damage meets specific requirements. For example, a crack on tempered glass that’s longer than a dollar bill, a chip, or cracks that reach the inner layer or extend to the windshield’s outside edge means replacement is necessary.

At Jerry Lambert Automotive, we’ll install the windshield properly and get your car back on the road immediately and safely. Call us now at (801) 466-8226 for more details or to schedule an appointment.

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