Tracy Aviary & Botanical Gardens

Situated in the core of Salt Lake City’s Liberty Park, Tracy Aviary & Botanical Gardens serves as a testament to the allure and variety of avian existence. Recognized as one of only two standalone aviaries in the United States, Tracy Aviary becomes a sanctuary for bird enthusiasts and nature aficionados alike. This remarkable institution, found at 589 E 1300 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84105, invites a closer examination of its wonders.

Avian Splendor

Tracy Aviary is not merely a collection of birds; it’s a sanctuary for over 300 avian species from around the world. What sets it apart is not just the sheer number of birds but the commitment to conservation and education. Many of the birds housed at the aviary are endangered, making Tracy Aviary a crucial player in avian conservation efforts. Browse around this site.

Free Daytime Admission

One of the distinctive features of Tracy Aviary is its commitment to accessibility. The aviary offers free daytime admission, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the enchanting world of birds without any financial barriers. Open every day except Thanksgiving and Christmas, Tracy Aviary welcomes guests to explore its wonders throughout the year.

Extensive Collections

Tracy Aviary takes pride in its extensive collections, offering a display that highlights the remarkable diversity of avian life. The exhibits, ranging from the vibrant hues of tropical birds to the majestic presence of birds of prey, hold a captivating allure for visitors of all ages. Boasting over 130 different species of birds, Tracy Aviary stands as a treasure trove for those who are eager to experience the beauty of feathered friends up close.

Educational Programs

Going beyond the mesmerizing displays, Tracy Aviary demonstrates a strong commitment to education. The aviary, in its dedication, presents a variety of educational programs meticulously crafted to inspire curiosity and cultivate a profound understanding of birds and their ecosystems. Whether through guided tours, interactive exhibits, or workshops, Tracy Aviary establishes itself as a provider of a rich learning environment catering to visitors of all ages.

Events and Programs

Tracy Aviary transcends being a static display of avian wonders; it evolves into a dynamic hub of activity. The institution takes pride in hosting a myriad of events and programs throughout the year, presenting opportunities for visitors to interact with the aviary in diverse ways. From bird-watching excursions to themed events, Tracy Aviary guarantees that each visit is a distinctive and memorable experience.

Botanical Gardens

In addition to its avian marvels, Tracy Aviary encompasses Botanical Gardens that add another layer of natural splendor to the location. The gardens are a tranquil retreat, featuring an array of plant species that complement the vibrant avian life. The seamless integration of botanical wonders enhances the overall experience, creating a harmonious blend of flora and fauna.

Tracy Aviary & Botanical Gardens, located at 589 E 1300 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84105, stands as a beacon of conservation, education, and natural beauty. From its diverse bird collections to the lush Botanical Gardens, the institution offers a multi-faceted experience for visitors. Tracy Aviary invites everyone to connect with the wonders of the avian world and explore the delicate balance between nature and human stewardship in this captivating oasis.

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