Utah Museum of Fine Arts

Nestled within the heart of Salt Lake City on the University of Utah campus is the Utah Museum of Fine Arts (UMFA). As you step into the Marcia and John Price Museum Building at 410 Campus Center Dr, you are welcomed into a world of artistic wonders. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this cultural institution a gem for art enthusiasts and visitors alike.

A Stroll Through Time and Cultures

European Elegance

The UMFA boasts an extensive collection of European art, showcasing the evolution of artistic expression over the centuries. From the grandeur of Renaissance masterpieces to the innovative works of modern artists, each piece tells a unique story. Visitors can immerse themselves in the beauty of classical paintings, sculptures, and decorative arts that reflect the rich tapestry of European culture.

American Artistry

The museum’s commitment to diversity is evident in its American art collection. Featuring a wide array of works, including paintings, photographs, and sculptures, the exhibit captures the essence of American creativity. Whether exploring the vivid landscapes of the Hudson River School or the vibrant expressions of contemporary artists, there’s something for everyone to appreciate and enjoy.

Ancient and Classical Wonders

Transport yourself back in time as you explore the Ancient and Classical World art section. The UMFA houses a captivating collection of artifacts from various civilizations. From intricate Greek pottery to Egyptian sculptures, this exhibit provides a glimpse into the artistic achievements of cultures that have shaped our understanding of history.

Rotating Treasures: A Dynamic Display

One of the unique aspects of the UMFA is its commitment to keeping the experience fresh and engaging. With a permanent collection boasting nearly 20,000 art objects, the museum adopts a rotating display approach. This means that each visit offers a chance to discover something new, creating an ever-evolving experience for art enthusiasts.

More Than a Museum: Programs for All Ages

Family Adventures

The UMFA is not just a destination for art connoisseurs; it’s a place for families to connect with creativity. The museum hosts family programs designed to make art exploration a fun and interactive experience. From hands-on art projects to engaging workshops, there’s no shortage of activities to spark the imagination of young minds. Check this out.

Engaging Adult Programs

For adults seeking a deeper understanding of art, the UMFA offers a variety of programs and events. Attend informative lectures, film screenings, or participate in guided tours led by knowledgeable experts. It’s an opportunity to delve into the stories behind the artworks and gain a newfound appreciation for the world of fine arts.

Tailored for Children

Young visitors are not forgotten at the UMFA. Specially curated programs cater to children, making art education accessible and enjoyable. These initiatives aim to instill a love for art early on, fostering a lifelong appreciation for creativity and cultural expression.

Beyond Art: Amenities for a Complete Experience

To ensure a comfortable and fulfilling visit, visitors to the UMFA can avail themselves of amenities within the museum. They can take a break at the on-site café, where they have the opportunity to relax and reflect on their artistic journey. The museum store presents a curated selection of art-inspired merchandise, providing visitors with the chance to take a piece of the experience home with them.

Community Inclusivity

Supporting Accessibility

The UMFA is committed to making art accessible to all. In a move towards community inclusivity, the museum offers free admission to individuals receiving food assistance. Additionally, active-duty military personnel and their families enjoy complimentary access, extending the reach of cultural enrichment to those who serve our country.

A Cultural Haven in Salt Lake City

As a prominent cultural institution in Salt Lake City, the Utah Museum of Fine Arts serves as a testament to the transformative power of art. Whether individuals are seasoned art enthusiasts or first-time visitors, the UMFA extends an invitation for them to embark on a journey of discovery, where creativity knows no bounds. Prospective visitors are encouraged to plan their visit today and immerse themselves in the beauty and diversity that define this exceptional museum.

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